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Message from a Martian to a human

Message from a Martian to a human

Dear humans, we, Martians, are very sensitive to your great efforts to join us here on our planet Mars. But unfortunately, we really don’t want to see you come to us. It’s not a lack of hospitality on our part or a lack of space at home, either. We have it all what we need in fact.

To say the truth, we prefer you planetary-tier neighbors and that’s fine with us. To hear from you every now and then, does not constitute bad news at the moment. In fact it greatly spares us the inconvenience of your presence here. Looking at the state of your Land home, we begin to fear seeing you. We talk about it every day, morning and evening, or if you prefer, evening and morning. We should not have the same rhythms.

Remember that we are so anxious by your possible arrival, that we are beginning on our side, to think of going to seek peaceful refuge, elsewhere in the galactic way, far from your ears and your eyes. And you may ask why would we?

If we approached your Planet, what would we notice? First of all, as soon as our eyes are directed towards you, the current state of the earth’s atmosphere, which has become unbreathable, makes us fear that we will no longer be able to contemplate the gracious immensity of the universe which is expanding. Your presence and your projects will screen the beauty of space. Your beautiful nature howls with anger the rampage that you afflict it at all times, in all places.

Now, the speed of species extension, which very patient nature has taken millions of years to safeguard, like a precious treasure, forces us to think before deciding whether or not to welcome you. Coming to our planet Mars will cost you all the pupils of your eyes, so why bother doing it. If you are looking for traces of life on our planet Mars, we will tell you that there are some very beautiful ones on your earth, in Africa in particular. You like to call it the birthplace of your humanity, don’t you? The occupants of this cradle are fragile and require care, attention and solicitude.

So, joining our region, you know very well, is only a pretext, rather, it is a pure will to expose your powers of domination and wealth at the cost of impoverishing entire populations. Indeed, much of your scientific research programs are undertaken in the name of the quest for fame and power. Indeed, it was historically the prelude to the decline of all your previous civilizations. What do you have to gain from trying to join us if it costs you to lose your Earth? To lose ground.

“The moon has nothing to fear from wolves,” you like to repeat often. Just the idea of ​​seeing you coming, we tremble! You have never stopped fighting. In particular, the two great wars of the last century, according to your calendar, ended in millions of deaths. These wars were only fought to acquire land and wealth. Like those you are undertaking today for fossil fuels which are exhaustible, because of your selfish expenses. Obviously, you wage these wars in the name of freedom and under the pretext of defending freedoms or democracy. Would you say! We laugh about it all the time, just as much the wisest among you laugh about it, but least listened to, among you.

Savor your Cartesian mastery which always leads you to war and appropriation. As a reminder, the wars of colonization, against the weakest, undertaken by the strongest among you, are only the consequences of this Cartesian logic. Mastery of nature lasts only a short time and unfortunately turns into bondage. On your planet, several glaring examples remind you of this suicidal fatality due to the crisis of your intelligence.

But you are very materialistic to the point that almost all of your social ties are based on assets and possessions. We have been struck by your appetite for money, which regulates your social scales and drives relationships between humans, which are crumbling.

While on our planet Mars, we give no consideration to parasitic social chains, every Martian individual is instilled with intense values ​​of solidarity and respect, without any reference to any power. No need for frantic races to accumulate wealth. To access our space, you must show love, friendship and solidarity. And this is not won at all.

Nothing too much, just the little wealth to ensure individual joy and collective happiness. Quite the opposite of yours who develop exceptional intelligences just to have more money and more possessions. Without citing what has become the rhythms of human life, in particular because of accelerated and polluting industrialization that disrupts the balance of ecosystems. And what about your social problems which are becoming more and more complicated and amplified day by day.

Hard sciences, which are interested in production and technique, are favored and encouraged to the detriment of the human sciences which enrich human and humanist cultures. You want to live like inert people, without cultural roots. It is not surprising that you suffer from all the evils that gnaw, from within, your societies gradually tending towards barbarism. You are the only species among all creatures in the universe, organizing mass murder and risking total eradication from the face of the Universe: because of your so-called explosive nuclear exploit.

Now let’s talk about symbols, an area in which you are very good at. You know how to communicate very well on culture and peace. You even erected a statue for liberty and, very close to it, a monument for peace, a peace which is struggling to spread throughout the world. History proves, because of all wars throughout history, and even today, neither freedom is defended nor peace is achieved.

Seeing you at work, everything seems to be linked and very dependent. From the simple habit of consumption to the ecosystem, pollution and degradation of the living environment. Destruction of your life is inevitable, without urgently modifying the economy, the culture, and the structure of the social link, and the role of the media… in short, all your relationships with the world and the universe.

Let’s go back to the elite for a moment. You define it as: “A small group of people considered to be superior, as the best in a community.” This definition is confusing, because the filters that made it possible to get to this “higher” stage are rather quantitative. These filters in societies on Earth are based on quantitative science generally aimed at improving rhetoric or thinking. You forget all those that promote quality, education and wisdom. From your schools come generations of people who totally neglect human ties, because they are prepared for competition.

On your Earth, in appearance, nothing seems to compare a Kenyan of Maasai origin to a Swedish of Viking origin. But when a Maasai woman marries a Viking man, they give birth to children! This shows that they are from the same source. The two of them are very close to each other, at least closer to each other than between you and us. Wanting to come and join us here makes us fear that we will experience the same fate of difference and rejection, which you make each other experience. We will have to welcome you if you come to our conquest at the same pace as you would invest in planetary living together; by spending the same billions for universal brotherhood. As you say in your daily life, despite your very busy CV (!), your application, to come to us, caught our attention, but we are not considering landsharing for the moment.

By Ata-Ilah Khaouja and Ahmed Khaouja

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