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1-Huawei inaugurates its largest global center dedicated to Cybersecurity and transparency

Huawei inaugurated in June 2021 at Donguann, China, its largest global center about transparency on cybersecurity and privacy. Several organizations participated in this event including representatives of the GSMA, the British Standards Institution and regulators from the UAE and Indonesia.

Along with the inauguration of this new center, Huawei released a document on the basic principles of cybersecurity of Huawei products. This is the first time that the company has made available to the entire sector, its product safety reference framework and management practices. These actions are part of the company’s broader efforts to interact with customers, suppliers, standards bodies and other stakeholders for the objective to jointly strengthen cybersecurity across the industry.

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2- Entry into force in Morocco, of Decree No. 2-21-406, for implementing Law No. 05-20 on cyber security

This decree, which has just came into effect, aims to define the measures to protect information systems in Morocco, State administrations, public institutions and enterprises and any other legal entity governed by public law, as well as those of vital infrastructure and private operators. It also determines the qualification criteria for audit service providers and cyber security service providers.

In this context, the main provisions of the decree is based on the following points; governance bodies responsible for cybersecurity, measures to protect the security of public sector information systems and provisions specific to operators, audit providers and cybersecurity service providers.

 3- Cyber ​​attack against the Russian defense

The Russian Defense Ministry said it was the victim of a DDoS-type computer attack launched from abroad against its website in July 2021. An attack which (DDoS) consists of overwhelming a network with an unusual volume of requests in order to paralyze it. The ministry’s site was inaccessible for at least an hour, before operating again. Russians think that these cyber attacks come from USA.

 4-The United States has experienced several major cyber attacks in recent months

These attacks targeted a supplier to large US groups and federal agencies. An attack had even targeted a strategic pipeline on the east coast of the United States. The company took several days to restart this pipeline, which supplies 45% of the area’s fuel after apparently paying the hackers a ransom.

5-According to Microsoft, the majority of cyber attacks are carried out from Russia

According to Microsoft, most cyberattacks in the world are carried out from Russia. In 2020, the American multinational said it had sent its customers over the past two years more than 13,000 notifications of hacker attacks, the majority of which were attributable to Russian groups. Source:

6-Cybersecurity and connected solutions in the 40th GITEX program scheduled for October 17-21, 2021 in Dubai

How have the battle lines of cybersecurity been redrawn with the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in digital exchanges? To what extent have connected solutions in the healthcare sector experienced strong growth? That was the preview of the latest innovations at the next 40th Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX).


7-Android: Google encrypts its messages from end to end

Google has just enriched its Messages application, on Android, with end-to-end encryption, highly expected by its users. This will be rolled out gradually from next year.


8-Twelve Wi-Fi vulnerabilities threaten all devices in the world

WIFI is far from perfect when it comes to security. A researcher has discovered 12 vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi protocol. Called FragAttacks, the threats resulting from these vulnerabilities make it possible to steal data or take control of devices, including connected objects. Some of these breaches have been present since the 1990s and concern all devices.

9-Report on the global market of radiation-hardened electronic Component (prepared by Garner Insight on 2019)

This report analyzes international and domestic manufacturers, regions, suppliers, product variants and type for the forecast period (2019-2025). For detailed information, see the PDF brochure of this report: The market for radiation-hardened electronic components exists according to Garner Insight. These radiation-hardened electronic components are useful in warfare and in places where one is exposed to ionizing radiation such as in space.

10-Soon nano-diamond components on the computers of fighter aircrafts  and robots

Some equipment needs to be hardened to operate in environments where there is radiation. A group of researchers at Vanderbilt University has been developing adapted electronics with nanodiamonds for years. With this mineral, they now know how to make transistors and logic gates. As a reminder, it is impossible to operate electronic silicon components on a probe on Venus, or a robot in the nuclear reactor.

A scanning electron microscope view of a portion of a nanodiamond transistor deposited on an insulating silicon dioxide substrate. © Davidson Lab

11-Why it is sometimes dangerous to use someone else’s smartphone charger or public charging stations 

Piracy is everywhere. Ah yes, recharging your smartphone with the charger that does not belong to us can therefore represent a security risk. The Director of the Security Division at IBM thus warns of the dangers of a new hacking technique. Some USB cables can thus directly store malware that installs itself on the devices that are connected to them. At a security conference in Las Vegas, a hacker demonstrated how, by using a modified Apple cable, was easy to retrieve the IP address and control a smartphone remotely and recover sensitive data.

 12-STUXNET is a computer virus which has been calibrated to attack very specific computer software, generally via a USB key

In the Iranian case, this STUXNET malware targeted the centrifuges of the enrichment uranium site of Natanz, changing their rotation speed until they are dead, via a USB key. It would have destroyed about a thousand centrifuges out of five thousand. This damage was observed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) when the site was in operation. At the same time, it disrupted the digital warning, display and shutdown systems that control the centrifuges, thereby rendering those systems blind to what was going on. It should be noted that Iran’s nuclear facilities were not directly connected to the Internet. The STUXNET virus attacked them via an infected USB key. As a result of a mishandling, STUXNET is said to have spread over the Internet, infecting more than 100,000 computers around the world, in addition to those in Iran.

13-What If the Wall Street stock market in the USA was hacked?

At a meeting of the United States Congress in May 2021, the heads of the six largest banks on Wall Street were asked what they believed was the greatest threat to their institutions and the financial system as a whole. They did not name the global pandemic, climate change, or the factors that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. Rather, their most common response was: “IT security.”America’s largest banks spend millions on computer security. But cyber attacks are on the rise and the threat of a general destabilization of the financial system is real.JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the United States alone, spends nearly $ 600 million [508 million euros] each year on cybersecurity and employs more than 3,000 people ” directly or indirectly on that issue.

14-Cryptocurrencies: Hackers manage a record theft valued at $ 600 million:

A company specializing in virtual currency transfers (Poly Network) has just suffered a hacking action. The theft is worth some $ 600 million, according to calculations by users such as cybersecurity researcher and Ethereum specialist Mudit Gupta.

After a few days, the hacker decided to return some of his record booty

Of the more than $ 600 million stolen. In fact, Poly Network claims to have recovered “$ 260 million (…) in assets”

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