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1-SAMENA organized in Dubai (UAE) the annual summit of telecom leaders in the MENA region on April 8, 2021

SAMENA hosted the annual summit of telecoms’ leaders in the MENA region on April 8, 2021, in collaboration with Huawei Middle East and with the patronage of the United Arab Emirates Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA). The summit was held under the theme “Promoting digital economic growth, from politics to reality”. This 2021 leaders’ summit served as a platform for key decision makers in several fields, meanwhile new horizons of growth and progress were explored for companies. Several presidents and CEOs from the private sector, policymakers and regulators coming from different places, as well as leaders and entities around the world, whose focus is to institutionalize and promote intersectoral collaboration, attended this grand summit. Following SAMENA’S invitation, Mr. Ahmed Khaouja participated in this summit of telecoms and digital leaders on April 8, 2021.

2-The National Regulatory Agency (ANRT) organized a Workshop on “the SHARING and development of very high speed infrastructure in Morocco” on April 22, 2022:

The ANRT organized, on April 22, 2021, in partnership with the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, a workshop, in the form of a webinar, on “the SHARING and development of very high speed infrastructure in Morocco”. In addition to the three national operators also attended this workshop, national actors such as (ONCF, ONEE, LYDEC, etc.). This workshop is part of the implementation of the General Guidance Note for the development of the telecommunications sector by 2023 (NOG-2023). This workshop helped to enrich the debate and exchanges between national players on very high speed broadband (THD). It made it possible to raise awareness of all potential players in the sector on the issues linked to the development of very high speed broadband and to the pooling of infrastructures, to provide an overview of the approaches implemented in different countries to promote pooling, by presenting best practices and understanding the necessary prerequisites that led to their success. The workshop addressed, in its 1st part, the challenges of THDs (fixed and mobile) by learning about different examples of co-financing of telecommunications infrastructures. In its 2nd part, the workshop reviewed the experiences of national and international actors (Ireland, France, etc.) which were the subject of discussions between the participants. Thus, in addition to the global national telecommunications operators who are deploying their THD development strategy, certain other national actors (ONCF, ONEE, LYDEC, etc.) took part in the workshop to present their visions in relation to their potential roles as operators of alternative infrastructures in the development of THD in Morocco. See press release from April 23, 2021 on the website

3-ADD information session for the benefit of Moroccan start-ups:The Digital Development Agency (ADD) organized, in collaboration with the Technopark on Wednesday February 10, 2021 in Casablanca, a hybrid information session for start-ups.

The Foreign Exchange Office also took part in this information session, in particular on the section concerning foreign exchange transactions for start-ups. This meeting was an opportunity to present the role of ADD and its services for the benefit of the national start-up ecosystem. In particular, the following was presented.a- The “JEI” Young Innovative Company label which allows the company to benefit from an international payment card allowing purchase transactions in foreign currency with a ceiling of DH 500,000 per calendar year.b- The presentation of a study conducted on the Ecosystem of start-ups in Morocco.c- The StartupHubMaroc platform which aims to respond gradually to the grievances expressed by Moroccan start-ups.

4- ‘Digital health’ was the main theme at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which took place in Las Vegas in the USA on Monday January 11 in Las Vegas through a virtual formThe Las Vegas (USA) 2021 edition “Consumer Electronic Show 2021” (CES 2021), took place on January 11, 2021, virtually.

Four key technology trends related to the pandemic were in the spotlight at the show: telemedicine, contactless, disinfection and air purification.

5- Global medical technology marketThe global medical technology market is estimated at 480 billion euros in 2024.

The 3D printing market, which concerns dental and surgical implants in particular, is estimated at 2.2 billion euros in 2025 worldwide.Source: Facts & Figures 2020 published by MedTech Europe

6- Some figures regarding health in MoroccoMedical devices market was about 3 billion dirhams in 2020.

Medical devices are instruments, apparatus, equipment or software intended, by its manufacturer, to be used in humans for purposes as diagnosis, prevention, control, treatment, alleviation of a disease or an injury. For instance, dressings, glasses, implants, scanners… There are more than 500,000 types in the world. This market is increasing in Morocco from 7% to 10% per year. Morocco produces merely about 10% of its needs. The public sector represents around 70% of the market and the remaining 30% is shared between the private (20%) and direct sales (10%). As for the health expenditure of Moroccans, it represents 60 billion dirhams. The main support comes in Morocco from donors, mainly the French Development Agency; the European Investment Bank; Qatari funds; and Saudi funds. The European medical devices market is 120 billion euros with 730,000 employees and 32,000 companies (95% are SMEs) mobilized. All these figures will increase following the impact of Covid-19.

  7- COVID19- Turning the problem into an opportunityMasks- The mobilization of Moroccan textile companies quickly led to 11 million masks produced per week.

But also, 3D printing solutions for masks and visors have been implemented across the country thanks to CE3M. Respirator- The CE3M Cluster companies have produced the 1st artificial respirator entirely made in Morocco. Telemedicine- Telemedicine in Morocco is a rapidly evolving market where medical technologies would play a key role. 8-Publication of termination tariffs for interconnection traffic in MoroccoThe ANRT has published on its website its decision ANRT/ DG / N° 14/20 about termination tariffs of interconnection traffic in Morocco by 2022. 9-World Telecommunication Development Conferences in 2021The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), through its Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT), is organizing a World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) from November 8 to 19, 2021 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a reminder, Ethiopia has just started liberalizing its telecoms sector in 2019 and it has just created a regulatory authority in 2019! 10-Cybersecurity and connected solutions in the 40th GITEX program scheduled for October 17-21, 2021 in DubaiHow have the battle lines of cyber security been redrawn with the Covid-19 pandemic and with the increase in digital exchanges? To what extent have connected solutions in the healthcare sector experienced strong growth? The program tried to answer these stated questions. Also, the program consisted of a preview of the latest innovations at the 40th Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX), in this new issue of Focus.

 11-Attractiveness for the establishment of data centers of Internet giants According to a study by the consulting firm Arcadis, the champions in this field in Europe are Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, Germany, Netherlands and England.

France is in ninth place in the world and fifth in Europe.

 12-The year 2021 will see the adoption of e-SIM in various terminalsCompared to the current SIM card, e-SIM is directly integrated into equipment and no longer needs to be inserted or removed.

Thus, e-SIM allows to free-up space in our smartphones, for example. The e-SIM is activated differently than a regular SIM card. The activation of an e-SIM is done directly on the web site or the application of the mobile operator. Here is a list of some known terminal models that are currently e-SIM compatible:• Apple: iPhone XS (and Max), iPhone XR, iPhone 11 (and pro), iPhone 12 (and pro), iPhone SE (2020), iPad (since 2019)• Samsung: Galaxy fold, Note 20, S20 (and S20 +, FE, 5G and Ultra), Z fold, Z fold 2 5G, Z flip

 13- Clubhouse, the new social network that disturbsThis new social network, which was launched in March 2020, is experiencing success. In the beginning, the company behind this network was a startup.

Today it is valued at $ 1 billion and has over ten million active users around the world. The particularity of this new social network is the fact that is based solely on the voice. Everything revolves around the famous “rooms”, kind of chat rooms in the jargon of housing. Members can thus open chat rooms with up to 5,000 members to discuss various topics via audio. Listeners can simply listen to the discussions or ask to speak so as to participate in the platform. Apparently, this new American social network is only accessible on iOS. The application has currently recorded 8 million downloads worldwide and garnered widespread attention.

14-The Total group will supply 100 GW / h per year of solar energy to Orange in 2024Orange has just announced that Total will provide it with 100 GW / h of electricity per year, produced from solar stations starting from 2024. With this contract, the two companies aim to de-carbonize their activities.

15- Ingenuity, the NASA helicopter which is the first motorized vehicle to fly on the planet Mars

A video of the flight, taken by the rover “Perseverance” on which the helicopter Ingenuity arrived on the Red Planet, was broadcast live to media. We see the craft hovering about three meters above sea level then landing on the surface of Mars. The operation was a real challenge, as Martian air is equivalent to only 1% density of the Earth’s atmosphere.

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