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1-Origin of the word metaverse:
The concept “metaverse” was first coined by Neal Stephenson in his novel “Snow Crash” (“The Virtual Samurai”) published in 1992. The author defines “metaverse” as an enormous virtual world, parallel to the physical world, in which users interact through digital avatars. In other words, Neal Stephenson describes in his book a “futuristic dystopian universe, from which the characters can momentarily escape by plunging into a universe of virtual reality, in which everyone can evolve through their avatar”.

2-Orange relies on an alliance with European operators to be in the metaverse:
Orange has announced that it has joined forces with its European partners Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone to develop their own holographic communication platform based on the application of a specialist in the field, the company Matsuko, founded in 2017 to develop the use cases on the metaverse.

3- A major agreement for interoperability in the metaverse network:

Meta, Microsoft, Epic Games and Nvidia form the Metaverse Standards Forum consortium to make the metaverse as accessible as the internet. This new group has set itself the task of defining the rules and standards that will constitute the metaverse of tomorrow. The objective is to promote its interoperability, i.e. to make the metaverse as accessible as possible, between different media for example. In short, make the various virtual worlds the equivalent of today’s websites, and allow navigation between them via a metaverse “internet”.

4- metaverse market:
By the end of 2024 the metaverse market is estimated at 800 billion dollars according to Bloomberg Goldman Sachs firm.

5- Apple and the metaverse:

Apple plans to launch a virtual reality headset adapted to the metaverse at the end of 2023.

6- the metaverse and users according to the consulting firm Gartner:

In 2026, 25% of Internet users worldwide are expected to spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse for work, commerce, training or for various entertainment. Among the activities that will be in greater demand are: tourism (18%), museums (15%), concerts (14%) and fashion (12%). The metaverse promises to revolutionize the field of advertising as well.

7- Facebook will create 10,000 jobs in Europe on the metaverse:
This recruitment plan in Europe is also a way for Facebook to take root more in Europe. The first social network on the planet will recruit 10,000 people over five years in Europe to build the Metaverse, the group announced, knowing that Facebook currently employs around 58,000 people in the world, all trades combined.

8- protection of personal data and the metaverse:
According to the consultant Norbert Faure that all biometric and physiological data emitted by the human body in the metaverse can be recorded and used. There is no doubt that the data collected in metaverses are personal data according to Lawyer Ola Mohty. For this lawyer in the metaverse, users are represented by avatars. There is therefore no doubt that the data collected can be traced back to the individuals concerned and that they are therefore personal data. Several experts assert that political decision-makers must imperatively and quickly define a framework for virtual worlds.

9- Europe lagging behind in the field of metaverse:
In the field of the metaverse with considerable economic stakes, Europe facing the USA, is still looking for its reaction. Massive support for European companies seems necessary. After the cloud, artificial intelligence or blockchain, immersive virtual reality is the new paradigm of the digital world.

10- The first existing virtual dress gift offered:

A long iridescent dress at $9,500. This dress called “Iridescence” is the first 100% virtual garment to have been sold in the world. Designed by The Manufacturer, a Dutch start-up, it is only worn in “augmented reality” (AR), that is to say by having it worn by a digital avatar.

11- Facebook and metaverse:

Since the launch of metaverse on October 28, 2021, Facebook (Meta) has generated some 2.3 billion euros in revenue, thanks to the sale of its Oculus headsets and all its virtual reality services. But it shows, for the moment, more than 10 billion dollars (about 8.7 billion euros) of loss on this network. The firm has created a fund of 150 million dollars to encourage developers to create content on its virtual reality platform, and plans to hire ten thousand in Europe to accelerate on the subject.
12-Metavers: Qualcomm and Microsoft announce a partnership:
The two tech giants will create a chip intended to power augmented reality glasses.

13- Metavers has become a hot topic since 2021:

We started talking about metaverse since Facebook became meta and since Facebook exposed its vision to move to web 3.0. To this end, Facebook has invested more than 13 billion dollars since the beginning of 2021 to carry out its metaverse project. If all goes well, Facebook or Meta aims to connect one billion users to its metaverse network by 2030.
14- Metaverse turnover:
According to the firm Grand View Research (GRV), the turnover linked to the metaverse world could reach 678 billion dollars by 2030.

15- How much time will we spend on metaverse in 2026:

In four years, 25% of Internet users will spend an hour a day in the metaverse, according to Gartner.

16- Marketing and metaverse:

The juggernaut of the professional press has just released a newsletter dedicated to the “marketing metaverse”.

17- Sale of Skins on metaverse:

From 2021 Balenciaga, specializing in the sale of sneakers, handbags and ready-to-wear for women and men, was surprised by the number of virtual “Skins” outfits sold on Fortnite.

18- Interest in metaverse:

Today 62% of French people do not see any interest in the metaverse according to a recent barometer from the Iligo firm.

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