Sunday , 2 October 2022
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1- Thermal drones:

Drones using thermal cameras to detect heat are increasingly used. These thermal drones were used, for example, by firefighters in Texas in 2022 to provide real-time information on the situation of a fire. In Chernobyl, Ukraine, thermal drones enabled firefighters to navigate hot spots during Ukraine’s massive wildfires.

2- In Australia: we used an army of seed-sowing drones to fight against deforestation:

In Australia, several seed-sowing drones have been used to fight against deforestation. Thanks to its fleet of drones, the start-up “AirSeed Technology” has been able to sow thousands of seeds from the air. Each of these drones was able to plant over 40,000 seeds per day. Compared to traditional methods, it is 25 times faster, but also 80% cheaper than traditional methods, specified the CEO of the Startup.

3- Collisions between drones: European researchers are testing a system to avoid them:

In Europe, there will be nearly 7.5 million personal and commercial drones in European skies by 2050. Hence the importance of the SESAR research program launched by the European Union on air traffic management in Europe.

4-Swarms of drones in the sky of Dubai:

500 drones have been programmed to fly over the city of Dubai (UAE). Advertisers use this method for advertising whose target is  the population of Dubai city.

5-A Swedish man saved from a heart attack thanks to a drone:

A Swedish man had a heart attack. His wife contacted emergency services. Within minutes, his wife heard a buzzing above her. It was a drone that dropped a defibrillator. Mats Sallstrom, CEO of Everdrone said: “As soon as the call center suspects a cardiac arrest, the drone system activates, the hangar doors open. A pilot in charge of operations requests clearance to take off and then he monitors the operation which is 99% autonomous.”

6-Vaccination in Ghana: drones to deliver the doses:

An international company, notably in Ghana, has developed a vaccine delivery system using drones. This allows access to isolated populations.

7-Drones to protect the Amazon rainforest in Peru:

Drones are used by rainforest guardians in Peru to monitor and precisely locate illegal incursions into their forests.

8-In Spain, drones allow fines to be drawn up from the sky:

From 2019, Spanish motorists are checked using drones. If these drones cannot calculate the speed of motorists, they will record reckless driving and violations such as the use of a phone while driving. The fine can then be immediately notified to the driver by an agent or be posted in their mailbox a little later, after viewing the images.

9-A mini drone to take selfies:

In April 2022, Snap Inc launched the commercialization of Pixy, a small square drone, at its annual “Snap Partner Summit” conference. The device, which weighs a hundred grams and fits in the palm of the hand, should allow users to take selfies. After a flight, the drone can automatically land in the hand of its owner and transfer its photos or videos to the Snapchat application.

10- In Spain, a 14-year-old boy is saved from drowning thanks to a drone:

A 14-year-old teenager was saved from drowning by a drone on July 1, 2022. In great difficulty in the heart of the swell on the beach of Sagunto (Spain), he was able to get out of the situation, thanks to the sending of a life jacket by a drone.

11-In the United States, Amazon is preparing to deliver parcels via drones to a city in California:

After several test phases in recent years, the giant Amazon is preparing to launch its drone delivery service in the city of Lockerford, California. The company is waiting for the authorities’ go ahead.

12- The global drone market:

The drone market had reached $11.2 billion in 2020 according to analyzes by Gartner. And According to the analysis firm Wavestone, the global drone market will amount to 42.8 billion in 2025. According to a study by Drone Industry Insights (DII) from October 2021, the three world leaders in drones are Chinese DJI (n°1), the French Parrot (n°2) and the Chinese XAG (n°3).

13-Drones in France:

Between 2017 and 2021, the number of these devices increased from 400,000 to 2.5 million in France, estimated a Senate report devoted to “drone warfare”, in July 2021. This generalization was logically accompanied by a lower prices: A relatively advanced device costs only 300 to 1,000 euros, depending on the features it offers, such as the quality of its cameras.

14- Drones are deployed to catch cheating students in exams:

The drones are programmed to detect the sophisticated exchanges of information that students operate with people outside the exam room during the various exams. These methods of cheating include cameras hidden in glasses with transmitters concealed in water bottles, cell phones related to flesh-colored wireless headphones, and pen cameras that film test-takers. Defintely, the exam cheaters of the future will find ways to hide their signals.
15- Drunk, he loses control of his drone and flies over a site classified as a prohibited area for drones:
After his engine was spotted flying over a fertilizer manufacturing plant, a 36-year-old young man ended up in jail.
He didn’t exactly choose the most appropriate area to use his drone. A 36-year-old man was arrested on August 7, 2022 in Seine-Maritime in France, following a prohibited overflight report issued by the security of the site classified as a prohibited area for drones.

16- Some drones will be able to reach speeds close to 7400 km per hour:

The American company Lockheed Martin is developing a prototype drone called SR-72 that can reach a speed of 7400 km/h by 2025. If launched from the United States, this drone can reach Europe or Asia in less than 90 minutes.

17- A solar-powered drone crashed in August 2022 after a 64-day flight over the United States:

The Zephyr-8 drone designed by European aircraft manufacturer Airbus traveled a great distance in 64 days. That’s more than double the previous record for an unmanned aircraft, US media reported. The Manufacturer Airbus called the flight “valuable experience” for its endurance flight goals.

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