Monday , 14 June 2021
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The theme that we propose to our readers in this 36th issue is a theme that relies essentially on telecoms: digital medicine or e-health, which is gaining more importance and has become essential for our health systems.

Digital health refers to, according to the European Commission, tools and services that use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health-related issues and to monitor and manage lifestyle habits that impact health. E-health is inevitable in the development of any health system, both private and public. Today more than yesterday, digital technology contributes to improving access to health services and the quality of care, increasing the efficiency of health systems, lowering costs and offering opportunities in self-care.

Health data and the interoperability between the different systems working in healthcare play an increasingly important role in the digital transformation of this sector. The Healthcare sector has already integrated artificial intelligence (AI), which has started impacting and shifting our health systems. For instance, telemedicine, which offers remote medical services, which is very useful for people living in isolated areas, is also part of the field of digital health. Telemedicine has grown in importance especially in this period of the covid19 virus and its variants.

At the continental level, the development of digital health will be beneficial for African countries. The deployment of digital health can only bring great hopes, especially that our continent lacks medical resources and staff only 2 doctors and 15.5 beds are allocated on average for 10,000 people.

At the national level, some health professionals believe that the situation of e-health in Morocco remains generally underexploited, and it merits more efforts and resources. Digital health can benefit more than 8 million Moroccans who struggle to access medical care. Fortunately, telemedicine is making gradual progress.

Before presenting the program of this issue to you, we would first like to thank Professor Mustapha Ouladsine for his broad contribution to this dossier and especially for the rich interview he granted us in Duo with Doctor Stéphane Delliaux despite their many academic obligations. We would like to remind you that Mr. Mustapha Ouladsine is Deputy Vice-President for Digital Infrastructures and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Aix Marseille and that Mr. Stéphane Delliaux is Associate Professor of Universities and Hospital Practitioner at the University Hospital Center of Marseilles. We also thank the National Agency for the Development of Digital in Morocco (ADD), which sponsored this issue of Lte magazine.

The dossier for this issue will therefore include the following contributions:

-The interview with Mr. Mustapha Ouladsine and Mr. Stéphane Delliaux

-The participation of the Digital Development Agency in Morocco (ADD) in this regard.

-Big data and smart data: the big bang of medicine

-Covid-19: The rapid growth of telemedicine in France:

– “Accelerating digital transformation in these difficult times” theme of the ITU day of May 17, 2021.


In the IA / ICT section, you will find an article on public policies in Artificial Intelligence by Yassine Lefouili. Mr. Yassine Lefouili, whom we warmly thank, is a professor of economics and Director of the Digital Center in Toulouse (France). His main areas of research focus particularly on competition policy and the economics of intellectual property. He published in several reference journals such as the “RAND Journal of Economics”. Mr. Yassine Lefouili ​​was recommended to us by the economist, Jean Tirole. To this end, we would like to thank Jean Tirole, a polytechnic engineer well known for his work particularly on market regulation, research for which he received the Nobel Prize in economics in 2014.

We inform our readers that the “SAMENA Leader’s Summit 2021”, a telecommunications player, brought together on April 8 in Dubai public and private decision-makers from the MENA zone by videoconference. The program and the organization of this day, at which Lte magazine was present, were very successful. Topics discussed included: innovation, inclusion and digital transformation, as well as the future of a digital society driven by the Internet.

We will also find information concerning the organization by the National Regulatory Agency of Morocco (ANRT) of a Workshop on “the pooling and development of very high-speed infrastructure in Morocco” on April 22, 2021. This topic will be the subject of subject of a dossier in the next Lte magazine. We will also deal with quantum computing in the next Lte magazine.

Recent videos and other relevant information can be found in the “Events” section.

 By Ahmed Khaouja Director of PTT Morocco and expert of the International Telecoms Union (ITU).


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